If you do some research, you will realize that wireless chip & swipe card readers are becoming more and more popular. This specific type of card readers is used by many merchants on the move. They represent a plug and use devices that rely on Internet Protocol (IP). With the help of the Internet, the credit card information provided by the customer is sent directly to the processor of the merchant account provider. Once the processing is finished, the final status of that specific transaction is displayed on the wireless terminal. This may sound like a complex thing, but it takes just a few seconds to complete the transaction.

There are many credit card readers and processors on the market, but a wireless chip & swipe card reader is one of the most sophisticated solutions you can get. They have an ability to process almost any kind of payments. Some of the payment options you can process include gift cards, prepaid phone cards, e-checks, electronic benefits transfers, checks and more.

In order to show you how useful these devices can be, we have prepared a short list of advantages of using wireless chip & swipe card readers.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to get a second phone line for this device. So, when the next trade show or fair starts, you won’t have to think about renting phone lines. You will use your mobile device’s Wi-Fi connection or line.
  2. Wireless card readers are portable which means that you can take them wherever you want to. These devices are lightweight and relatively small. You can carry them literally anywhere without any problems. Some of them can fit in your pockets.
  3. Some wireless chip & swipe card reader options come with built-in printers. So, you don’t need an additional printer to print receipts.
  4. Keep in mind that with a solution like this, you don’t have to worry about the amount of cash you have in your pocket because you won’t carry any cash or less cash.
  5. When you are swiping credit cards, you are lowering the risk of receiving money from stolen credit or debit cards. Every customer is free to type the pin number on their own.
  6. Finally, every transaction is finished in less than 15 seconds in case the network is up and running.