Are you running a business in Canada? Probably, you are aware that having a POS system is the key to modern business success. The selling points reduce errors, facilitate customer service, and lead to enhancement of your brand. Also, having a reliable point of sale can boost your customer relations offering you a step ahead and a chance to create a competitive advantage.

Remember, when a customer receives quality services in your store, they will come along with their peers in the next visit. This way, you will enhance your customer base as well as increase your sales. However, like any other country, a wide range of point of sale providers popup every day making it hard to know the best. To help you out, here are the top 3 POS systems suitable for Canadian business:


Is this statement describing you? You are outgoing. You love managing your business while on holiday. You want to know the current state of your inventory every morning whether you are in the country or on international business conferences. If this is you, Bindo POS system is the best option for you. The system offers you a cloud option that allows you to monitor your business regardless of your location at the moment.

You can know who reported to the job on that day while in a business meeting in New York. Also, you can tell whether the staffs took an off when you left through checking the sales level. The good thing about Bindo is that it has reliable customer support. Hence, no time you will miss essential information about your business performance.


Are your operating a retail business in Oakville? ShopKeep is a good option for you. The selling point system is affordable and comes with great features that enhance your customer services through time-saving as well as help your business growth. Also, this solution has powerful easy-to-use tools that boost your sales. Notably, to ensure you stay on your track, the provider offers you 24/7 customer support and a package of useful resources. Through this, you can get ideas and tips on how to grow your business and manage it effectively.


If you are running a restaurant or a hotel business, TouchBistro is your best option. This POS system is designed to serve entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. The system is structured to facilitate effective restaurant services management and fit for all types of hotels. So, if you are operating a business in this field, TouchBistro POS can be a good idea for you.

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